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What Causes Peanut Allergy?

A peanut allergy is among the more common allergies, and it is common to know at least one person who suffers from it. One suffers from it when their body mistakes the proteins in peanuts as a threat.

May 24 2023

Allergy Season in Texas

Living in Texas when suffering from allergies can be a challenge, as ..

April 24

How Long Does a Food Allergy Reaction Last?

Allergic reactions are hypersensitivity responses to chemicals, drugs, and food items. Chemicals ..

April 24

Mold Allergies – Symptoms and Treatment

If you’ve been feeling itchy, coughing, and had a runny nose for ..

July 27

Timothy Grass Allergy – Symptoms and Treatment

Timothy grass is one of the leading causes of seasonal allergies in ..

July 27

Bermuda Grass Allergy – Symptoms and Treatment

Bermuda grass is tropical and subtropical grass used worldwide to enhance lawns. ..

July 25

Bahia Grass Allergy – Symptoms and Treatment

While a green yard is something to look forward to in a ..

July 25

How Does Immunotherapy Work for Allergies?

You've probably noticed that your nose is stuffy and runny when you ..

March 16

Allergies or COVID-19?

The question that often crosses people’s minds with every sneeze or cough ..

April 27