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Oak Allergy symptoms

Dealing with allergies from oak trees? You’re not alone! Many others share the same experience! In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, oak allergies are among the most common seasonal tree allergies in the United States. 

Around 450 different types of oak trees are found in North America, South America, Eurasia, Central America, and other areas and the pervasiveness of oak trees can make them a tricky allergen to avoid.

During the spring, oak pollen allergy season is in full swing, especially March and April. If you’re allergic to oak pollen, keeping track of the pollen count and taking steps to reduce your exposure and relieve your symptoms is essential. Oak pollen is highly allergenic and can cause severe reactions in people who are sensitive to it.

Symptoms of Oak Allergy

Oaktree allergy symptoms include the following :

Stuffy, Runny, or Itchy Nose

A person with an oak allergy may experience a runny or stuffy nose when they come into contact with an allergen. A runny nose is one of the most common allergic reactions.


A few sneezes here and there aren’t painful, but when sneezing becomes uncontrollable, it interferes with their daily lives. Even if it’s not that serious, you can still take steps to find relief from your sneezing.

Red, Watery, and Itchy Eyes

Itchy or watery eyes are one of the most common allergy symptoms. Although irritating, they don’t usually cause serious eye or vision problems. When you have an oak allergy, your eye reacts to the harmless pollen particles, releasing histamine in your body that causes swelling and inflammation. The blood vessels in your eyes swell, and hence your eyes get red, teary, and itchy.

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  • Headache or Dizziness

Headaches and dizziness caused by allergies are relentless, and it can make it tough to get through your day. The good news is that your board-certified allergist can help get you some relief. They’ll work with you to devise a plan to control your allergies and help you manage the pain.

Oak Allergy can throw off your equilibrium. That’s because they affect the Eustachian tube, which has much to do with the pressure in our middle ears. When allergies cause problems with the ear, it can block the Eustachian tube and make you feel unsteady.

  • Sinus Pain, Pressure, or Congestion

Allergic symptoms can appear like a sinus infection, with pressure in your sinuses, a runny nose, and congestion. 

However, the condition itself, called allergic rhinitis, is different. Allergic rhinitis is caused by an allergic reaction to allergens, like oak pollen. This reaction occurs when your immune system releases chemicals, like histamine, into your bloodstream. These chemicals from your immune system are what cause your allergy symptoms.

  • Coughing or Wheezing

For some people, oak allergies cause problems in their lungs and airways. This can make breathing difficult and lead to asthmatic symptoms like wheezing and coughing.

  • Fatigue

Oak Allergy can make you feel tired, but the fatigue varies from person to person. While some people feel sleepier than usual, others may experience debilitating fatigue that prevents them from working or engaging in everyday activities.

Allergy-induced fatigue happens when your body constantly fights something off that it’s allergic to. It’s a lot like when your body has a cold or the flu; you get tired because your body is working hard.

When you are allergic to oak pollen, your body releases proteins called cytokines. Cytokines cause inflammation in your nose, and chronic inflammation leads to fatigue and can lead to depression in some cases.  

So if you’re constantly struggling with oak allergy, it’s no wonder you’re always tired!

When your body’s immune system comes in contact with the oak pollen, it creates an inflammation reaction towards it. This response from the body ultimately causes these symptoms. 

At Frontier Allergy, we address and manage the symptoms of Oak Allergy while tailoring our support to meet your individual needs and treatment requirements. If you want to know if you are allergic to Oak, or how to control the symptoms, contact us today!

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Written/Reviewed by: Dr. Neha Reshamwala
NPI number: 1780874578
Page last reviewed: 12/29/2023

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