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Allergy Shots Austin

Are you one of the tens of thousands of people in the city of Austin, Texas alone who suffer from seasonal allergies each year? Allergies are thought to be among the most chronic diseases. Caused by allergens in the air, allergies occur when our bodies interact with these allergens out there in the wild. Some bodies’ immune systems see these allergens as harmful and overreact to them, which is the root cause of allergies’ symptoms. There is a solution, however! Through our patented use of tried and true allergy shot therapy, we here at Frontier Allergy in Austin are able to help stop or at least mitigate the severe symptoms you face with your allergies. This gradual, three to five year process, will allow you to go out and live your life in as unimpeded a manner as possible.

Understanding allergy shots therapy

Allergy shots therapy was first developed in order to mitigate the effects of severe allergies upon over-reactive immune systems within certain individuals’ bodies. Indeed, these sorts of chronic allergies – whether they be caused by seasonal allergies, indoor allergens, or even insect bites – can really start to impact many people’s quality of life. Taking certain allergy medications could, of course, be helpful in situations like these – but not in every instance. Such medications have the unfortunate ability to hinder the effects of certain other medications, and are therefore not viable for certain individuals suffering from more than one chronic illness. Therefore, allergy shots therapy may become the only viable alternative to achieving the greatest possible quality of life. Indeed, this sort of gradual therapy can go a long way towards either mitigating or ceasing altogether any such symptoms stemming from allergic reactions within the body’s immune system.

How do allergy shots work?

Allergy shots therapy is a three to five year process which involves the use of desensitisation for the overzealous immune system. Known as immunotherapy, this sort of treatment has been known to consistently either reduce or stop allergy attacks in their tracks altogether. Over the course of these three to five years, each allergy shot will contain a microscopic amount of the specific substance or strain of substance known to trigger the patient’s specific set of chronic allergic reactions. These planned, strategic allergy shots contain just the right amount of those little bothersome allergens to stimulate the immune system – yet crucially – not quite enough to trigger the patient’s usual full-blown allergic reaction attacks. As the three to five years of this process plough on, the experts here at Frontier Allergy will increase the patient’s dose of allergens contained within each shot. As with many other forms of shots, this process of gradual desensitisation will train the patient’s body’s immune system to help it build up a tolerance of that specific strain of allergens. In time, this whole strategic process will either mitigate or stop the patient’s allergy symptoms altogether. The patient will be feeling as good as new in a relatively short period of time.

Who can benefit from allergy shots?

As stated previously, allergy shots therapy was initially developed with three sorts of patients suffering from the symptoms of chronic allergies in mind. The first of these are those whose immune systems are triggered by seasonal allergies. Secondly, it was developed to also relieve the symptoms caused by indoor allergens as well. Finally, allergy shots therapy was developed to counteract the often severe effects caused by insect bite allergies. While there happen to be many allergy medicines out there on the market today, some of them react badly in tandem with other treatments for other chronic illnesses many patients may be suffering from simultaneously with allergy symptoms. For these cases, undergoing the process of allergy shots therapy may, in fact, be these patients’ best bet moving forward. This way, they will be able to continue treatment on their various other chronic illnesses – while at the same time tackling their chronic allergy symptoms too. These are the perfect candidates to undergo such therapies.

How effective are allergy shots?

Allergy shots therapy has been proven to be very effective for those suffering from chronic symptoms brought on by various different allergen vectors. In fact, over the three to five year process of most allergy shots therapy plans, this sort of immunotherapy treatment has been known to either mitigate or completely stop symptoms of allergies stemming from a number of different sources. Indeed, chronic allergy sufferers can expect to see improved results in their quality of life – whether they have been suffering from symptoms caused by seasonal allergies, indoor allergens, or even over-active immune responses brought on by certain insect bites and stings. All three of these factors could become anxieties of the past – thanks to the innovative nature of this branch of immunotherapy. Patients, forever after, will truly be living in the world of the future forever after.

How long will it take to see results?

As stated previously, allergy shots therapy typically takes three to five years of occasional dosages to begin to see allergy symptom mitigation or total dispersal. These sorts of immunotherapy treatments take time and tender care to kick in – but once they do, you will be a force to be reckoned with once more – only this time more allergy free than you have ever been in your entire life!

Which types of allergy shots are available in Austin?

We here at Frontier Allergy provide a variety of allergy shots therapy treatments. These variable treatments were each individually developed in order to tackle one specific cause of allergic reactions within the body’s immune system. These shots include ones developed to counteract the effects of seasonal allergies, ones to fend off the effects brought on by indoor allergens, and of course one to counteract reactions caused by those pesky insect bites or stings. Indeed, whichever variety of allergy symptoms your body is currently suffering from – we here at Frontier Allergy have you covered and have your back.

What happens if my allergy shots are not effective?

Here at Frontier Allergy, if the process of our patented immunotherapy is not having the desired effects – we often find ourselves taking a step back and re-evaluating just what, exactly, is causing the immune system to overreact in the first place. If such an event does occur – which isn’t very common in the first place – we may attempt to re-diagnose the patient to pinpoint the correct cause of their allergic symptoms.

How are allergies diagnosed?

We here at Frontier Allergy – prior to the commencement of allergy shots therapy – always ensure we procure the correct allergy diagnosis via testing – so we know the proper immunotherapy regimen each and every patient requires.

Where can I get more information about allergies?

If you require more information concerning your allergy symptoms, why not reach out to Frontier Allergy today and begin your journey out from allergic darkness? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Written/Reviewed by: Dr. Neha Reshamwala
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